The Woodpickers is a recording project of Australian musician/songwriter John Murphy. Over the past 20 years the Australian Woodpickers have released 3 CDs: Reason And Dream, Me And Ned Kelly and Down The Line. Turning Blue is the fourth. The previous CDs featured musicians from all over Australia including Kevin Bennett, Allan Caswell, Bill Chambers, Broderick Smith and our dear friend Doug Rowe who sadly passed away.
This recording features residents of the Blue Mountains region of New South Wales, Australia,
and includes a bonus track, Rainbow Gold, sung by Doug Rowe.

We hope you enjoy the performances and songs.

John Murphy
PO Box 61 Wentworth Falls NSW 2782
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Woodpickers - Down The Line

The Woodpickers (2017)

  1. Lately
  2. Annie's Lane
  3. Stomp On Honey
  4. Bakelite Babies
  5. The Neverwas Has Been
  6. Vows
  7. Fragile Heart
  8. On My Way To School
  9. The Wish
  10. Profit
  11. Turning Blue
  12. Rainbow Gold

Words and music copyright John Murphy 2015/2004
Mastered by Tim Roebuck
Cover photo by Jeff Davies
Artwork by White Tiger Graphics
Distributed by Check Label Services


Rachael Brady
Allan Caswell
Jim Jarvis

Mark O'Connor
Stewart Peters
Jack Pledge
and Doug Rowe

Simon Crosbie
Stewart Hall
John Murphy
Jack Pledge
John Stuart
Rob Thompson

Other Recordings

The first CD, “Reason and Dream”, released in 1996 was well received worldwide by reviewers and radio, charting in most countries. The second 2004 recording, “Me and Ned Kelly”, had a similar response. They both featured many talented Australian performers including Kevin Bennett - The Flood, Bill Chambers - Kasey Chambers Band and the Dead Ringer Band, Doug Rowe - The Flying Circus plus Broderick Smith - The Dingoes. The song “If Theres A War On” was voted the 16th best protest song of all time by the USA FAR charts.

Reason & Dream - The Woodpickers
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The Woodpickers

"Great tunes and performances, a standout."
John Nutting, ABC

"An Australian band at the pinnacle of their game"
Gary Turner TV Radio DJ Journalist

Me and Ned Kelly - The Woodpickers
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Me and Ned Kelly
The Woodpickers

"Unique, full of life, truly talented" - 4 ½ Stars
Roots Music Report USA

"John Murphy has quietly been achieving miracles"
Bruce Elder - Sydney Morning Herald 

Reason & Dream - The Woodpickers
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Reason & Dream
The Woodpickers

"One of the best country music albums I’ve ever heard"….5 Stars
Country Music Capital News

"A very fine example of the beauty of recorded music"….5 Stars
Country Music International UK