The Woodpickers is a recording project of Australian musician/songwriter John Murphy.

The first CD, “Reason and Dream”, released in 1996 was well received worldwide by reviewers and radio, charting in most countries. The second 2004 recording, “Me and Ned Kelly”, had a similar response. They both featured many talented Australian performers including Kevin Bennett - The Flood, Bill Chambers - Kasey Chambers Band and the Dead Ringer Band, Doug Rowe - The Flying Circus plus Broderick Smith - The Dingoes.
The song “If Theres A War On” was voted the 16th best protest song of all time by the USA FAR charts.

In 1996 there was no evidence of other bands called the Woodpickers, today there are several. Please don’t confuse this Australian roots band with other artists.
The latest recording features Allan Caswell, Australias most recorded songwriter, substituting for Kevin Bennett and Bill Chambers.

We hope you like the music.


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Woodpickers - Down The Line

DOWN THE LINE - The Woodpickers (2011)

  1. Down The Line Vocals (Allan, Brod & Doug)
  2. Gorgeous (Vocals -Allan Caswell)
  3. Love and Faith (Vocals - Doug Rowe)
  4. Yin and Yang (Vocals - Broderick Smith)
  5. Ladies On Main Street (Vocals -Allan Caswell)
  6. The Highway (Vocals - Doug Rowe)
  7. Photograph (Vocals -Allan Caswell)
  8. Paradise Road (Vocals - Broderick Smith)
  9. Cold Love (Vocals - Doug Rowe)
  10. Blacktown Moon (Vocals - Broderick Smith)
  11. The Devil and Jesus (Vocals - Doug Rowe)
  12. The Book Of Wonder (Vocals - Broderick Smith)

Twelve original tracks blending
country, folk and blues


Allan Caswell ….Vocals
Broderick Smith…Vocals, Harmonica
Doug Rowe….Vocals, Harmonies, Guitar
John Murphy….Bass, Guitar, Mandolin
Doug Bligh….Drums
Clare Omara….Accordion, Violin
John Stuart….Dobro, Slide

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Radio Stations in Australia

Can download 3 tracks from Amrap's AIRIT

  • Gorgeous
  • The Devil and Jesus
  • The Book Of Wonder



Media Response to Down The Line

".....fine stuff....true country and a stand out .... Great tunes and performance, nice to hear Cas, doing "other" stuff."
John Nutting - Former presenter of Saturday Night Country

"A wonderful mix of country styles" .... "This is an excellent window into Australia's alternative country scene. It's much richer than most people realise."
Bruce Elder - Sydney Morning Herald

"There are good stories in these songs and that can only happen with good songwriters. The Woodpickers are a powerful lineup of very experienced singer/songwriters"
Bruce Cameron - Radio 2MCE FM Bathurst

"(The Woodpickers') music is a real pleasure with all these catching melodies , the superb harmonies and the very good sound...the musical arrangements are really super ...all the ingredients are here don't sound Australian, your music sounds universal, all the music lovers should listen to your music, everything is chiseled, made with a high sense of quality ..."
Mike Penard - Radio ISA France

"Down the Line will turn a few heads and will certainly test the music judgement at many country music awards including Tamworth. Best tracks include Yin and Yang (vocals Brod Smith), Photograph (vocals Allan Caswell), Cold Love (vocals Doug Rowe), The Devil and Jesus (vocals Doug Rowe) and another potential hit single Paradise Road (vocals Broderick Smith). John Murphy is a musician of modest skills and has performed in many urban cowboy bands. John's music is heavily informed by the influence of Woody Guthrie and the blues folk boom of the early 1960s. Apart from the standalone talent of the band, the sound quality of the recording is excellent and at times puts you in the studio. Down the Line - The Woodpickers is a testament to folk & blues most celebrated Australian band at the pinnacle of their game exhibiting some of the best violin, picking and heartfelt harmonies l have heard in Australia for some time."
Gary Turner - Our Country FM

Other Recordings

Reason & Dream - The Woodpickers

Reason & Dream - The Woodpickers

"One of the best country music albums I’ve ever heard"….5 Stars
Country Music Capital News

"A very fine example of the beauty of recorded music"….5 Stars
Country Music International UK

Me and Ned Kelly - The Woodpickers

ME AND NED KELLY - The Woodpickers

"Unique, full of life, truly talented" - 4 ½ Stars
Roots Music Report USA

"John Murphy has quietly been achieving miracles"
Bruce Elder - Sydney Morning Herald 



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