The Woodpickers

Australian Roots Music

a recording project of
Blue Mountains musician/songwriter
John Murphy
Over the past 20 plus years
4 CD’s have been released
All have been well received by reviewers and radio, charting in most countries.
The recordings feature many talented Australian performers.

Kevin Bennett
Doug Bligh
Rachael Brady
Allan Caswell
Bill Chambers
Simon Crosbie
Stewart Hall
Rachel Hannan
Jim Jarvis

Mike Kerin
Ron King
Martin Louis
Greg McLain
Alexandria Murphy
Mark O’Connor
Clare O’Mara
Stuart Peters
Jack Pledge

Doug Rowe
Jim Rush
Glenn Skarritt
Broderick Smith
Gary Steel
John Stuart
John Summers
Rob Thompson
Al Ward

Free Download of Recent Songs

Big Wheel - Music Lyrics John Murphy - Vocals Rachel Hannan
We are born equal, we die equal, It's the middle bits we can't get right.

Ribbons and Pearls - Music Lyrics John Murphy - Vocals Rachel Hannan
The twinkle in the eyes of our grandmothers belong to the little girls they once were.

Play That Guitar - Music Lyrics John Murphy - Vocals Rachel Hannan
Love, marriage, babies and hot guitars. What else do we really need.

One True Love - Music Lyrics John Murphy - Vocals Rachel Hannan
The wonder, joy and magic of finding your life partner.

Some Reviewers Quotes

“Great tunes and performances, a standout.”
John Nutting, ABC
“An Australian band at the pinnacle of their game”
Gary Turner TV Radio DJ Journalist
“Unique, full of life, truly talented” – 4 ½ Stars
Roots Music Report USA
“John Murphy has quietly been achieving miracles”
Bruce Elder – Sydney Morning Herald
One of the best country music albums I’ve ever heard”….5 Stars
Country Music Capital News
“A very fine example of the beauty of recorded music”….5 Stars
Country Music International
The song “If Theres A War On” was voted 16th best protest song of all time by the USA FAR charts.